L-77 Series

The Most Popular Multi-Compartment Cart Ever Built!

Equipped with a Choice Multi-Compartments for Rapid Loading and Site Inventory Control. 

This L-767 Enclosed Anodized Aluminum Carrier is one that can work on patient/guest floors, as a Scrub Cart or in any location!

Will perform for decades – parts readily available. Available in over 10 Standard Sizes & Custom Size 

  • Standard Heights:  60” Overall High and up to 78” ( floor to top of cart )
  • Standard  Widths: 24” Wide to 30”
  • Standard Lengths:  40” Long up to 72”
  • Custom Sizes and Interior Available
  • Selection of Multi-Compartments (or design your own)
    • Vertical Panels –  Stationary
    • Shelving Adjustable at ½ inch increments

L-Series Styles


  • Anodized Aluminum construction solid base and choice of Multi- Compartment Shelving Styles, solid aluminum construction.
    • Vertical Dividers are Stationary
    • Horizontal Shelves are Adjustable at 1/2″ Increments
  • Full Perimeter Bumperschoice of colors
  • Front Flexible Front Cover – Choice of Colors, Pass Thru Style or Transparent Window
  • Locking Doors (Additional Cost)
  • QUIET 6” x 2” Precision Ball-Bearings: non-marking wheels- choice of treads for different floor/surfaces
  • Superior Plate Style Casters: 2 rigid and 2 swivel – directional system available
  • Shelving can be modified to meet your requirements
  • Recessed Handles
  • I.D. Signs






L-77 Multi-Compartment

CART MODEL: OVERALL SIZE: (Floor to Top of Cart) Bed Capacity
L-77-1 24”W x 48”L x 60”H 12 to 20
L-77-2 24”W x 54”L x 60”H 18 to 24
L-77-3 24”W x 60”L x 60”H 20 to 26
L-77-4 24”W x 66”L x 60”H 24 to 30
L-77-5 30”W x 60”L x 60”H 26 to 34
L-77-6 30”W x 66”L x 60”H 30 to 38
L-77-7 Tall 30”W x 60”L x 66”H 34 to 42
L-77-8 Tall 30”W x 66”L x 66”H 38 to 46
L-77-9 Giant 30”W x 60”L x78”H 42 to 50
L-77-10 Giant 30”W x 66”L x 78”H 46 to 54
L-77-11 Giant 30”W x 72”L x 78”H 55 to 65
Custom Sizes and Interiors Available


  • Locking Doors
  • Hanging Bars for Clothing
  • Pull-out Shelving
  • Tote or Metal Drawers on Glides
  • 8” x 2” Wheels – choice of treads
  • Directional Locking Casters for 360 ( degree mark ) mobility
  • Parking Brake
  • Rolling Corner Bumpers
  • Towing Connectors
  • Stealth Cart Features
  • Shelving Dividers
  • Logos and Many More check our out options page