High Density Storage Shelving- Choice of Track or Skate Systems

Storage Systems on Tracks ( Skate Type ) to create high density storage in any situation. Variety of Sizes and lengths, custom capabilities. Contact us for more information



High Density Shelving Track System- Skate System

Single and Double System Ability

Consolidate’s space, Easy installation – Love’s uneven floors, easy to assemble.

Floor Track Combined with Wire Shelving Units and Skate Kit -Contact us for Assistance

SINGLE FLOOR TRACK: Consists of a pair of aluminum tracks with end stops. (For tracks longer than 21’ order multiple tracks)

Model             Size
SDFT-6          6’L – Single-Deep Floor Track
SDFT-8          8’L – Single-Deep Floor Track
SDFT-10        10’L – Single-Deep Floor Track
SDFT-12        12’L – Single-Deep Floor Track
SDFT-14        14’L – Single-Deep Floor Track
SDFT-16        16’L – Single-Deep Floor Track
SDFT-18        18’L – Single-Deep Floor Track
SDFT-20        20’L – Single-Deep Floor Track

Post and Shelving Sold Separately

DOUBLE FLOOR TRACK: Consists aluminum track with end stops. (For tracks longer than 21’ order multiple tracks)

Model            Size
DDFT-6          6’L – Double-Deep Floor Track
DDFT-8          8’L – Double-Deep Floor Track
DDFT-10        10’L – Double-Deep Floor Track
DDFT-12        12’L – Double-Deep Floor Track
DDFT-14        14’L – Double-Deep Floor Track
DDFT-16        16’L – Double-Deep Floor Track
DDFT-18        18’L – Double-Deep Floor Track
DDFT-20        20’L – Double-Deep Floor Track

Post and Shelving Sold Separately

SKATE KIT: One kit is required for “One Each “Shelving Units. Consists two aluminum skates & all necessary parts & hardware

Single Kit
SDSK-18 18″ – Single-Deep Skate Kits
SDSK-24 24″ – Single-Deep Skate Kits
SDSK-30 30″ – Single-Deep Skate Kits
Double Kit
DDSK-18 18″ – Single-Deep Skate Kits
DDDSK-24 24″ – Single-Deep Skate Kits
DDSK-30 30″ – Single-Deep Skate Kits