L-Series Enclosed Linen Carts

Durable & Dependable – A Winner in any Environment

ALUMINUM ENCLOSED CARTS! DURABLE and STAFF PLEASING – it will be the envy of your facility.

L-SERIES, manufactured since 1966 –the original enclosed linen cart engineered and fabricated by TECNI-QUIP Carts.

ROLLS and MANEUVERS like NO other Cart in the Marketplace. Why? Aluminum Construction, the Ultimate choice for strength with featherlight quality. (Think Airplanes and Boats)

Large QUIET Precision Ball Bearing Wheels and Superior Casters are attached to the Durable Base that is formed with an undercarriage and bracing.

Front Covers or Locking Doors – Cart is also Fully Customizable

L-66 & L-70 Series

L-77 Series

L-767 Series

C-Cell Locker Models

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