Good question – well almost. Many years ago our founder “Charles Clement”, an aeronautical engineer, took his knowledge of airplane design and structural engineering and used it to create the TECNI-QUIP cart design, i.e., aluminum constructions, riveted (no welds) and tubular arched design.

Yes! A TQ cart, can take the rack and sway that a jet in flight experiences. Calculations went into the design of these carts to transport heavy loads – easily – and absorb the rack and sway during transport – like a jet in flight – without damage to the structure of the cart! Also, it is designed to be a lightweight body or structure – and at the same time support a heavy static load in motion.

These factors attribute to the longevity of our products –TECNI-QUIP can boast about – we have hundreds of carts that have been in daily service over 40 years. For decades TECNI-QUIP carts have transformed transportation services in many industries: Hotel, Hospital, Industrial Plant, Commercial Laundries and more!

With a TECNI-QUIP CART– you are buying a material handling devise designed for transport – not a shelf or box that wheels were place onto the bottom to call it a cart. TECNI-QUIP carts are designed to be employee pleasing, durable and offer years and years of faithful (trouble free) service.

If you need parts, they can be rapidly shipped (overnight or via UPS ground) so that your transportation system does not experience any delays!

So the next time you need a cart – remember you can have a box with wheels or fly your supplies down the corridor with a TECNI-QUIP cart designed exclusively to transport with minimum effort.