Cart Casters – Which is Best for your Cart and Environment 101

Wheel Bearings

  • Plain Bore: NO Bearing! Molded Plastic Wheel is riding directly on the axle. Plain bore wheels are used for light or seldom moved loads and where ease of starting and rolling is not an important consideration.
  • Roller Bearings: A good tradeoff between cost, size, weight, carrying capacity, durability, accuracy, friction. Think of logs rolling on top of each other.
  • Delrin Bearings: (Acetyl Plastic) Extremely durable under a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions. They are corrosion resistant and well suited for applications with steam cleaning, or where excessive water or liquids are present. Natural lubricity, similar to Teflon.
  • Ball Bearings: Most common type of bearing. They are found in everything from inline skates to hard drives. These bearings can handle both radial and thrust loads, and are usually found in applications where the load is relatively small. Needs to be lubricated periodically.
  • Precision Sealed Ball Bearings: Recommended for maximum rolling ease with no maintenance required (seal keeps bearing permanently lubricated.) Provides quiet operation for medium duty to heavy duty loads.
  • Stainless Precision Sealed Ball Bearings: Use in steam situations, humid areas – to prevent corrosion – Operate Quietly! Same as Precision Sealed Ball Bearing with ENHANCED corrosion resistance



  • Polyolefin Wheels: Injection molded from a blend of thermoplastic polymers one-piece solid sanitary design, suited for wet and corrosive applications.
  • Rubber Wheels: Use for heavier loads and irregular floor surfaces, can mark floors.
  • Extra Soft Rubber Wheels: Extra soft rubber on these wheels helps to Irregular and hard floor surfaces: absorb vibration and shock, thus protecting the load or cargo while in transit & create noise reduction.
  • Balloon Cushion: The Resilience of Pneumatics without Air. Resilient non-marking extra thick gray soft rubber tires. Absorbs noise and vibrations
  • Polyurethane: Use on Hard INDOOR Surfaces i.e., carpet, exceptional with heavy loads. Handle Extreme Temperatures Both Hot and Cold. Approved For Food Processing & Clean Rooms, Strongly Resist Abrasion, Harsh Chemicals, Acids and Solvents. COLORFUL WHEELS!
  • TPR or Thermoplastic: Tile, Vinyl, Outdoor Surfaces. Logical choice for a clean environment, extremely quiet, offers a soft cushion ride Resistant to a broad range of chemicals, acids, solvents and detergents. Bonded to a polypropylene core
  • Pneumatic Wheels: Outdoor Roads, Asphalt, Gravel and such


Caster Forks

Most are mass produced outside the USA.
Lower Cost = Lower Quality
Bearing are low quality and bind up.

High Quality forks are still manufactured in the USA at a slightly higher cost. 
Less maintenance, better performance and longer life!

  • King Pin: Similar to a large rivet Loose ball bearings are “sandwiched” between stamped plates. Balls can fall out when plates flex under heavy loads or impact. Not recommended for towing as Kingpin often becomes a failure point of the caster.
  • King Pinless: Bearings are held in by precision machined inner and outer bearing race ( groove they roll in ). Can handle a MUCH HIGHER a side (axial )load, such as towing. Higher Cost


Stem or Post

  • A stem attached to the caster is either pressed in or threaded into a hole in the base, formed either by a tube or molded into a plastic base.
  • Not designed for distance transport
  • Only swivel casters are available
  • Louder when pushing