Why Aluminum Basket Carts? The Long Haul Choice that is GREEN!  Aluminum carts have long been the standard in European laundries and now have made their mark in  the United States. Aluminum basket carts have several advantages over similar fiberglass, canvas or Poly Plastic type carts, not to mention their stylish modern appeal. The most popular reasons to invest  in an aluminum basket cart are the ease of manufacturing custom sizes, the ergonomic, light‐weight superiority of aluminum, natural fire‐retardant properties, and ease of cleaning.

Custom cart sizes are extremely useful and appealing when space is limited. Aluminum basket carts  can be made to fit into tight spaces or under large machinery in laundry settings.  Other custom size  applications can be found in hotel or healthcare environments where space is a premium.

Reducing the overall weight of basket carts will ensure staff’s safety. Aluminum is significantly lighter  to push and maneuver than fiberglass, canvas or poly plastic. Additionally, aluminum carts can be manufactured at natural pushing heights for employees to prevent bending over while pushing which  can contribute to prolonged back injuries.

Aluminum material is naturally fire-retardant and will not contribute to fires that occasionally occur in  laundry environments. While polyethylene melts at 122‐137°F and ignites at 349°F, aluminum’s melting point is 1,220°F.

Although the initial purchase price of aluminum basket carts may be slightly higher than other material, select studies have shown the life of a metal cart is longer that their poly or canvas counterparts. Aluminum may also be recycled for a value at the end of its life. This will help offset the  initial purchase price.

All aluminum used by TECNI-QUIP is composed of 30% post-consumer aluminum. Every TECNI‐QUIP  basket cart is equipped with superior plate type casters and quiet wheels with precision sealed ball bearing to increase ease of maneuvering. Other upgrades are available included perimeter bumpers, spring platform bottoms, external push hands and more. The TQ Team is available to answer any questions that you might have and also provide free design assistance – for custom models or special requirements for your operation.