HPX-200 Series Shelf Solid Base & Solid Shelves-Standard & Custom Sizes Available



HPX- 200- Series (model can be manufactured in custom sizes)

Solid Shelf Carts with Solid Base

HPX-200 can be purchased as an Open Style or with Enclosure Rods on sides and back


Solid Base Allows Cart to Roll Superior when compared to carts with wire shelving bases and stem casters

Shipped assembled or Disassembled (with enclosure rods ships assembled)



  • Anodized Aluminum construction solid base and 4 Aluminum reinforced shelves                                                  (one shelf positioned as top to support cover)


  • Full perimeter bumpers – choice of colors
  • QUIET 6” x 2” Precision ball-bearings – non-marking wheels- choice of treads for different floor/surfaces
  • Superior Plate Style Casters: 2 rigid and 2 swivel – directional system available


  • Directional casters for 360 mobility
  • Parking brakes
  • Additional/Custom Sizes
  • Pushing Handle
  • Upgrade for 8” wheels
  • Rolling corner bumpers or Lowered Rolling Bumpers – designed to hit baseboard NOT walls
  • Drape Cart Covers – manufactured by Tecni-Quip to fit like a Glove- Choice of Materials, Colors, Velcro or Zipper
  • Cover Option: Pass- Thru Acyclic Fronts or Transparent Window Fronts
  • Shelf Dividers – to separate inventory
  • Shelving ID Markers


CART MODEL:                                    OVERALL SIZE:                        COVER MODEL:                 Add -R to Model for Enclosure Bars                                                                                                           Poly or Vinyl Material

HPX-18362 18” W x 36” L x 62” H (Floor to Top of Cart) HC-18362
HPX-18482 18”W x 48” L x 62” H                  HC-18482-
HPX-24482 24” W x 48” L x 62” H              HC-24482
HPX-24602 24” W x 60” L x 62” H               HC-24602
HPX-24480 24” W x 48” L x 70” H                HC-24480
HPX-24600 24” W x 60” L x 70” H               HC-24600


30” W x 60” L x 70” H              


30” W x 72” L x 70” H              
HPX- CUSTOM               Cart can be built any size you require – Contact TQ for more information



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